BFP-76: Choose Replant Liquidity Pool

Proposed: June 17, 2022

Status: Passed

Link: Snapshot


Beanstalk Farms


Vote on the liquidity pool to Replant Beanstalk with.


Before the exploit on April 17, 2022, Beans were trading in 3 liquidity pools—BEAN:ETH on Uniswap V2, BEAN:3CRV on Curve (A of 10), and BEAN:LUSD on Curve (A of 100).

For the sake of technical simplicity, Beanstalk Farms recommends Replanting Beanstalk with a single liquidity pool. Liquidity that is recapitalized by the Barn Raise will be added to this pool at the ratio that would cause the deltaB to trend towards the pre-exploit deltaB in the Replant pool.

Curve metapool-specific code is currently being audited. Choosing another starter pool could be done, but it would push back the Replant by at least a month. BIPs to whitelist other trading pairs with liquid, censorship-resistant assets can be proposed shortly after Replant.

What constitutes a healthy distribution of liquidity against different assets is something the community should always be considering.


Which asset should Beans trade against in the single liquidity pool at Replant? The other liquidity pool can be added shortly after Replant.